Welcome to the world of Nahskwell Sup

The stand up paddle is a real cultural break, it represents a new way to go on the water.
In our eyes, french facing the Atlantic, the essence of stand up paddle is rowing surfing.

Since 2008, the Nahskwell Sup stand up paddle range reflects our desire to offer you the best possible boards, reflecting our curiosity for all stand up paddle disciplines. Nahskwell develops rowing surfboards really designed to be efficient in waves as well as in cruising. As pioneers, our deep knowledge of stand up paddle allows us to offer a range for all practices.

From Radical Wave SUP practice to Fitness to Race, a complete range is waiting for you, corresponding to all sizes and all levels.

Discover the unique gliding and carving qualities associated with top-of-the-range construction.

Nahskwell Sup is one of the brands belonging to Foil and Co. 


If you don’t have a surf shop selling Nahskwell Sup stand up paddle or accessories near you, check out our online store to find the board or accessories of your dreams.